Why advertise with Corporate Golf Clubs

The golf course is an ideal setting in which to give your business consistent exposure to a highly coveted demographic. Whether you are trying to target an affluent clientele or business owners your advert will be driving the relevant enquiries to your door.

Golf course marketing has long been an effective strategy for branding, publicising, and drawing in business. Not only do golfers tend to love their game, returning to their home course week after week, they also spend hours socialising in the clubhouse. This opens the door for your business to have success when advertising on the golf course as subliminally your advert is captured time and time again. This stimulates golfers to call your business and after receiving your fantastic service your name will move from the sign to talk of the clubhouse, proving spin-off recommendations, it’s a win-win affect.

Choose Your Audience

Golf course clientele largely consists of high-income families, many owning their own businesses. Green fees can be steep, and golf is still a leisure sport associated with affluence. You can connect with a large volume of 30 – 55 year olds that are more likely to have expendable income to use your services.

If you are a tradesman targeting home owners, what better place to promote yourself than the golf course?

…….. did you know that 81% of golfers are home owners, with a further 17% owning a second home.

If you’re a business that wants to market in B2B advertising, you cannot get a more targeted audience than golfers as over 42% of your audience either own their own businesses or are in business making decision.

What if you are a orthopaedic bed company, a funeral director or any other business who wants to target OAPs, the demographic of a golfer is perfect as x % are over x .

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