We are being generic here, but if one was to ask “describe a golfer”, you would reply male, more affluent, high earners, business owners, leaders, decision makers and committed individuals.
This is why many business find the golfing community one of the best to promote too.

Golfer Demographic

Business Orientated

  • 19% more likely to consider themselves leaders
  • 64% more likely to be a professional
  • 44% more likely to be a manager
  • 41% more likely to be a business owner

General statistics about a golfer

  • The average age of golfers in the UK is aged 42
  • 80% of golfers are within 20 minutes drive of a golf course
  • Over 50% have a household income above 40K
  • Over 20% are retired
  • Over 20% hold a senior management or directors position
  • 16% are skilled manual workers
  • 80% own at least 1 credit card
  • 83% own their own home
  • 37% have paid of their mortgage
  • 17% own 2 properties
  • 23% educated to degree level or higher
  • 64% live with children under 18 in their home
  • 96% are online
  • 96% Use the internet to search for golf products ( 85% more than once a month )
  • 55% use social media such as Facebook
  • 75% of golfers play more than once a week

*sports marketing survey published on 4th Jan 2012

  • Full adult memberships cost just under £850 per year on average.

    The Average Golfer

    • 4.5 hours per round
    • Twice per week

    Golf Clubs Demographic

    • The average golf club is home to 499 members (sports survey report 2014 )
    • 93% of golf courses accept green from non members fees allowing you to reach a new audience on a daily basis 
    • Average Yearly rounds is 27,500 per course (round can consist of 1 to 4 people, Av 3)
    • Average ad penetration per day is 226
    • 6.4% of the GB adult population

    Why take clients out on the golf course?

    • 54% of Business Professionals see Golf as “The Sport of Business “(6 x more than 2nd choice Motor Sport. Only 8% selected Football!)
    • 25% of Business decision-makers play Golf!
    • 48% of Executives see the Golf Course as an ideal business environment!
    • 41% describe Golf as “a perfect way” to get to know business associates!
    • 50% of golfers agreed to the statement, "the way a person plays golf is very similar to how they conduct business affairs."
    • 47% percent believed the practices in golf usually paralleled those in business, and more than 1/3 of those who admitted to cheating at golf -- secretly moving a ball to get a better lie (41 percent) or not counting a missed tap in (19 percent) - also admitted to cheating at least once in business!
    • 93% said, “Playing golf with a business associate is a good way to establish a closer relationship”.
    • 80% agreed, “Playing golf is a good way to make new business contacts”.
    • Over 1/3 said, “Some of my biggest business deals were made on the golf course”.