The Corporate Golf Clubs is a marketing company that specialises in corporate golf sponsorship acquisition for golf clubs.

We are dedicated in selling to local business entities the opportunity to sponsor a golf club, advertise to the golfers at their selected golf club, whilst providing FREE OF CHARGE golf vouchers, which businesses can use to raise the profile of their company within their local marketplace.

What is Corporate Golf Clubs

We currently work with over 50 golf clubs and have over 700 members. Many businesses benefit from working with us as they can effectively save up to 80% on their business golfing, resulting in many businesses turning back to the ethos of “golf is good for business” and a way of networking and creating business opportunities, whilst enjoying a sport in which they love to participate in.

The parent company Pro GAME UK Ltd was created in November 2011, over 6 years ago and due to the success,Heidi Bohrn, the founder, decided to set up The Corporate Golf Clubs as a subsidiary division to concentrate on the needs of the Sponsors.

The Corporate Golf Clubs sole mission is to become the number one business golf networking community here in the UK and our key principle is tocommit to creating more business opportunities for all our Sponsor and Golf Club customers.

The Corporate Golf Clubs will shortly launch their new golf business network membership group, allowing business golfers to connect and network with each other, to provide an additional stream of business enquiries, whilst also using trusted colleagues for business transactions.

The future of The Corporate Golf Clubs is an inspirational one and we are working hard on a planned launch of around Autumn 2017 time of an exciting “add on” service, which will allow business golfers to use their vouchers across the network of golf clubs, making this delightful news for the nomadic golfer and businesses who don’t want to be tied down to one golfing venue, particularly when it comes to entertaining their clients based in other locations nationally.

They say the best place to do business is on the golf course, so why don’t you join us on our journey and become a member of The Corporate Golf Clubs by giving us a call or email and find out more about your nearest Golf Club that we work with.