We all know golf is a competitive sport, golfers want to take their best shot possible and the Tee sign is key in aiding a players decision on how to approach the hole.

This vital information contains the map of the hole, the yardage and stroke index.

Design - Signage

Why advertise on our Golf Signs?

  • Golfers analyse the tee sign to take their best possible shot
  • The tee sign has 89% read rate (on average)
  • The golfer spends 4 minutes on the tee box (on average)
  • The Tee sign is analysed for a minimum of 30 seconds per visitor (on average)
  • The golf course has 247 visitors per day (on average)

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Artwork and the Benfits of QR codes

We can design your advert for you, or you can supply your own. If you would like us to do the design, we charge a fee of £50.

We have different artwork guides for each course, so once you have signed up we will send you the artwork spec for the course you are advertising on. In the meantime please review the benfits of adding a QR code to your sign.

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