The traditional game of golf is now moving with the times giving a powerful opportunity for local and national businesses to utilise cutting edge technology to reach the highly affluent golfing community via sponsorship on a custom golf club app . The Corporate Golf Clubs have provided an innovative way for businesses to make their brand mobile and directly interact and deliver their message to a proven, powerful and influential buying group, the golf community.


For many businesses, a pre-selected target demographic as such as the ‘golfer’-   provides a high lucrative opportunity as they are often described as high earners, affluent, professional, home owners, with expendable income. 

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Uniquely targeted advertising works

The Corporate Golf Clubs app is a powerful tool allowing your business to connect, engage and instantly interact with the influential purchasing power of the golfer, this is highly targeted, extremely visible and a great marketing opportunity. 

Golfers seek one thing when using a golf app… A means to improve their game! With this in mind, ‘The Corporate Golf Clubs ’ has developed an app enabling businesses to engage with the golfer. It has innovative features such as:

A GPS system, interactive scorecards, live leader boards, loyalty programmes and Facebook integration to name a few functions. These features ensure that the golfer will continue use the application time and time again, meaning your advertising campaign will provide repetition to these golfing individuals as they use this continuous reference tool. 

This no brainer golf aid is provided FREE OF CHARGE to all golfers and promoted at the golf club which includes marketing such as QR codes, monitors, posters and all staff are pushing everyone to download their app when they visit the course.  

Why wouldn’t you download the app when you have such an interactive and engaging product for FREE! 

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